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How to Hire a Land Surveyor for Your Property

You must hire a land surveyor if you need one for building extension, new construction, property dispute, or any other applications. It may be that you have been recommended by your real estate lawyer or your architect. If you have never worked with a land surveyor in the past, then it is likely that you will find this job a little challenging or daunting. However, if you know and understand what the job of a surveyor is or what a boundary survey is, then things will be easier to handle. Just for the sake of warning, never pick someone for the same of low bidding as this has the chance of causing trouble on you down the road, particularly if you are into a property line dispute.

How to Hire a Land Surveyor for Your Property

1. State Licensing

What matters most is for your land surveying to be conducted by a licensed and professional land surveyor. What does it mean by a licensed professional land surveyor? This is the surveyor who has gone through the educational degree, successfully passed the licensing examination, has already practiced for several years, and is well-versed with boundary law and measurements. Before you make a decision to hire a certain land surveyor, it is important to see to it that he or she has acquired the right license from your state so that you are sure he or she is familiar with your locality’s boundary law. In addition to that, your licensed land surveyor aids you in exploring the complicated process of having your map approved as well as recorded. On top of that, working with a licensed professional land surveyor gives you an edge when in case you will have to proceed to court. Take note that when needing someone to become an expert witness during a boundary dispute that is carried to the court of law, a licensed land surveyor is your best option. Before you decide which person to take for the surveying of your land, always be sure that you choose a surveyor who is licensed.

2. Expected Work Outcome

You are hiring the professional services of a land surveyor because you have been told to do so or that you need it basically. But what is the work or output that you expect from this person? Following the survey of your boundary, the surveyor is expected to furnish a record of the survey map which has already been reviewed, signed and of course approved by your county’s surveyor. This should also be recorded already in the office of your county’s recorder. You have to check this one very carefully because there will be companies who will say that they are giving a boundary survey but in actually, they do not. Sometimes too, they say they already have the document recorded in the county but do not give the supporting legal documents. When there is a dispute, boundary survey will be very material. Hence, you need to make that are able to hire a land surveyor who gives you the expected deliverable.

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